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A zombie saleswoman is promoting useless people’s garments on-line. 32 12 months old Kanittha Thongnak sells clothes of the deceased on a Facebook stay stream while dressed as “the dwelling dead”. She gives a story behind each items of clothing, explaining how each individual died. Perhaps it would be an actual enterprise kill in most countries, however not in Thailand the place the spirit world and superstition are simply as real to some Thais because the world of the residing.
It all started at a funeral, Kanittha says. Traditionally in Thailand, clothes of the deceased are burned.
“There had been a lot of garments from the deceased, so I thought it might be better to promote them than to burn them.”
She will get the clothes from a local temple. She says a monk does a blessing for the deceased before the garments are given to her. The costs range from 10 to one hundred baht. Some model names and designer clothes are also bought at vastly lowered costs. She’s donated some cash from the sales again to the temple. In addition to the dead’s clothes, Kanittha sells handmade zombie dolls.
“All the clothes belonged to useless individuals who died from various cause – accident, drowning, suicide.”
Kanittha reside streams each week from her home in the Northern province of Phetchabun. Authority takes her as much as three hours to use her zombie makeup, however she says the costume helps attract viewers.
“Since I started to put on scary make-up, the viewers elevated to five,000, then 6,000.”
Many Thais imagine in ghosts and spirits and absolutely anything vaguely superstitious. While some might be concerned about buying garments that belonged to someone who is now dead, Kanittha says the people who end up making a purchase don’t get scared.
SOURCE: Reuters

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