China to join Thailand in cracking down on transnational crimes

China has pledged to help Thailand in cracking down on transnational crimes, in accordance with a Facebook post by the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok. The embassy acknowledged several criminal circumstances that had been subject to Thai police investigations. It says the Chinese government places significance on law enforcement and the suppression of illegal narcotics, indecent acts, and gambling.
Now, the embassy says China is promoting cooperation in the enforcement of such crimes, citing the 2 countries’ history of legislation enforcement cooperation. According to Thai PBS World, several Chinese nationals have been arrested in latest times for operating call centre scams in Thailand and neighbouring countries. The scammers focused Thai and Chinese victims in Thailand.
Some have allegedly lured Thai job seekers to work in neighbouring international locations by promising them good salaries. But, most job seekers realised the truth once they were forced to work lengthy hours in name centres. They say they were typically not paid after which had to pay ransoms in order to return home safely. Chinese businessmen have also been in trouble over their involvement in illegal nightlife companies round Bangkok.
One Chinese businessman was lately reported to have made a three million baht donation to the Palang Pracharath Party. Cash had been granted Thai citizenship but then was arrested after being linked to a pub in Bangkok’s Yan Nawa district. Police say the raid on the pub revealed that 50 of the 300 customers tested optimistic for drugs. The pub was reportedly catering to foreigners which were mostly Chinese nationals.
Meanwhile, the Thai government has joined forces with Australia to stamp out human trafficking. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha met Australia’s new ambassador, Angela Jane Macdonald, at Government House on Tuesday to discuss a number of options together with trade opportunities between the two nations as they celebrated 70 years of diplomatic relations..

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