Chinese man demands 25,000 financial institution withdrawals of 1 yuan every in privacy row

A customer at a bank in the Zhejiang province of China surprised everyone when he demanded to withdraw his massive sum of 25,000 yuan (122,000 baht) 1 yuan at a time, stating the action was a response to the bank’s infringement on his private life. Zany arrived on the bank on Monday, July three, aspiring to withdraw the bulk of his cash. But when questioned about his reasons for such a big withdrawal and his supposed use of this sum, he grew to become somewhat disgruntled.
Preserving their bank’s coverage, the employees enquired concerning the purpose for the sizeable withdrawal, which the person interpreted as trespassing on his personal affairs. Choosing to stay More , the client supplied no reply to the bank’s normal procedure to prevent fraudulent actions.
Regardless, the bank assistant posed the identical question again, escalating his dissatisfaction additional. In retaliation, he altered his withdrawal request to 1 yuan at a time, implying the financial institution would wish to conduct the procedure 25,000 occasions. He even threatened litigation if the financial institution failed to meet this demand.
Matters took a drastic turn when the person resorted to aggressive measures, shouting on the feminine financial institution assistant for her ‘unnecessary’ intrusion into his privacy. The episode culminated within the bank assistant, overwhelmed and unnerved, breaking down in tears. After the brief outburst, the person chose to withdraw the whole quantity of 25,000 yuan in a single go, reported Sanook.
An observer on the scene said that while the bank’s enquiry into the customer’s motives for withdrawing a hefty sum was a measure to bypass fraud and impersonation, one other stated that the strategy invades privacy..

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