‘Don’t whiten tooth with nail polish’ Thai medical technologist warns

A Thai medical technologist is warning individuals to not whiten their enamel with nail polish.
A well-liked Facebook page, Doctor Lab Panda, warned towards utilizing nail polish to whiten tooth because of the dire health dangers related to it. Medical technologist Pakphum Dejhassadin, who runs the web page, cautioned the public in opposition to the follow. He mentioned that some make-up artists still use nail polish to whiten enamel, significantly in beauty contests. He explained that nail polish accommodates many harmful substances, including carcinogens, and should by no means be put in the mouth. The primary elements of nail polish embrace nitrocellulose, formaldehyde, resin, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. Building blocks , which is often utilized in paints, insecticides, and plastics, is a carcinogen that causes delivery defects. Anyone who’s pregnant and breastfeeding is advised not to use it.
Formaldehyde, one other carcinogen used in nail polish, hardens the varnish and sticks well to nails. It is toxic to the body, and its vapours, if inhaled, can lead to a burning nose, throat, and eyes, headache, nausea, and vomiting.
Toluene, a pungent solvent blended with nail varnish, irritates the eyes and can be dangerous to the nervous system if lots of it is inhaled..

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