Facebook accused of suppressing journo’s story on alleged US involvement in Nord Stream pipeline explosion

Facebook has been accused of suppressing a story by an investigative journalist who accused the United States of blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.
Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh wrote an in depth account claiming that the interfering US blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, however Facebook has been accused of suppressing the story. The Thaiger faced an identical scenario final month when Facebook suppressed a narrative about former drug lord Pablo Escobar’s hippos. They have yet to answer to the explanation why. Read the story HERE:
Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times, published his story on substack.com on Wednesday, February 8.
Facebook added qualifiers to the story and redirected readers to an article on a Norwegian web site. The pipelines carried natural gas from Russia to Western Europe and have a terminus in Germany. The US and other NATO countries have positioned economic sanctions on Russia since the start of its navy conflict with Ukraine in February 2022.
Facebook has been accused of interfering in news distribution by blocking the article. Caitlin Johnstone, an Australian journalist, said…
“Facebook doesn’t clarify how a ‘fact-checking’ company which operates along side Norwegian state media could be considered ‘independent’ concerning an article which explicitly accuses the Norwegian government of extraordinarily egregious crimes.”
Facebook customers trying to share the URL from Hersh’s story obtain the message…
“Before you share this content material, you would possibly need to know that there’s further reporting from Faktisk. Pages and web sites that repeatedly publish or share false news will see their total distribution reduced and be restricted in other methods.”
Faktisk.no is a Norwegian “fact-checking” web site produced in cooperation with Norwegian mass media and NRK, Norway’s state broadcasting company.
Twitter user “Nuno Marques” posted on Thursday, April 20 that Hersh’s report “is now banned on Facebook and Reddit in Norway,” and that the Norwegian government is “demanding censorship of this news as they realized more than half of their citizens had been in opposition to the Nord Stream bombings!”
Author Michael Shellenberger, writing on substack.com, said…
“Instead of permitting people to make up their own minds, Facebook has determined to take a side.”
Unheard of revealed a narrative on March 7 suggesting that a pro-Ukrainian group was behind the explosions. The article doesn’t carry comparable warnings by Facebook, nor do accounts that allege Russia was behind the pipelines’ destruction. Russian website RT.com tweeted on April 21…
“The notoriously ‘impartial’ Facebook purple flags Seymour Hersh’s reporting on Nord Stream sabotage as ‘false’ citing counterclaims by ‘independent fact-checkers from Norway and Ukraine.”
George Beebe, a former CIA officer and now head of the Quincy Institute’s Grand Strategy program, said…
“The Biden administration seems to be recognizing that the story of the Russians blowing up their very own pipeline wasn’t holding any water.
“This doesn’t mean (that The New York Times story) is incorrect, nevertheless it certain does increase questions in my thoughts as to what’s going on here.”
Interference in the foreign affairs of other nations by the US? Surely not..

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