MBC Club Ponzi scheme busted, 1,000 victims lost 1 billion baht

A scam firm referred to as MBC Club was busted by nationwide police for operating a Ponzi scheme with hundreds of victims that brought on 1 billion baht in damages. The scheme claimed to be earning huge income from Foreign Exchange Market buying and selling whereas duping individuals out of their money.
The Royal Thai Police Deputy Commissioner-General introduced the bust and arrest of a man behind MBC Club who collected the alleged funding money from the victims. The fake firm make guarantees of spectacular financial gain, including claiming a 40% common monthly return and even a year-end bonus of a Porshe luxury sports car.
MBC Club claimed to be investing money on its victim’s behalf in Forex trading and even would pay out “dividends” on preliminary small investments to gain the trust of shoppers. Then after they dumped more money into the Ponzi scheme, the lengthy run rounds of returns dried up and were never obtained.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์บ้าน investigated the scam that they are saying triggered substantial harm to the Thai economic system and had been able to acquire an arrest warrant for a person who owns the bank accounts that the 1,000 victims transferred their cash into once they thought they had been investing in a booming Forex trade.
The Royal Thai Police have vowed to proceed the investigation and uncover each person involved in the Ponzi scheme and bring them to justice. There was no phrase if any of the billion baht in investment money the quite a few victims misplaced had been recovered or shall be returned..

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