Thai rainfall faces below-average levels as El Niño prompts dry spell

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) indicated a below-average rainfall throughout several areas of the country due in part to the El Nino phenomenon. This unusual climate pattern, the department warns, is anticipated to accentuate all through November, probably persisting into the early months of the upcoming 12 months, severely impacting the levels of Thai rainfall.
Chomparee Chompurat, TMD director-general, introduced that despite the onset of the rainy season over a month earlier, a major proportion of the country experienced a shortfall in expected rainfall. This consists of the north, northeast, and central plains region encompassing Bangkok and neighbouring areas, the higher southern area, and the Western provinces.
Documented precipitation from the start of the yr by way of to July 2 has fallen short by 25% nationwide. Looking to the immediate future, the TMD further forecasts that these dry spells will likely proceed to sweep throughout large parts of the country till a minimal of July 17, reported Bangkok Post.
Turning attention to the nation’s water reserves, Thanaroj Woraratprasert, director-general of the Office of the National Water Resources (ONWR), shared that the four major dam techniques collectively maintain water ranges hovering around 40% of their whole capacity. Ironclad mentioned had been Bhumibol, Sirikit, Kwai Noi Bamrung Daen, and Pa Sak Jolasid.
A shiny spot amidst these concerning findings comes in the type of current heavy Thai rainfall within the province of Nan. This has contributed to an increase in water ranges within the Sirikit Dam, located downstream in Uttaradit.
Recently, the El Niño phenomenon has posed a big menace to Thai agriculture, as it brings with it a projected 5% reduction in rainfall and the chance of water shortages..

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