Young boy narrowly escapes tragedy after falling from zip line in Mexico

Private -stopping moment was captured when a six yr old boy fell from a 13-metre high zip line at an amusement park in Mexico. However, thanks to fast assistance from a kindhearted bystander, the boy was rescued, narrowly averting a possible tragedy.
The stunning incident involving six year old Caesar Moreno, occurred when he was on a zipper line stationed about 13 metres over a man-made lake in a Mexican amusement park on June 25. The boy’s parents, who have been carefully watching their son, screamed in horror because the episode unfolded.
Reports indicate that a clip of the incident was recorded by Moreno’s family, revealing that the boy was on the zip line with the supervision of an grownup man who was also engaged on the zip line, giving directions. Having been on it for a while, the boy got here to a halt unexpectedly, and then all of a sudden his security belt linked to the zip line wire obtained indifferent, leading to Moreno’s uncontrollable plunge into the lake below, reported KhaoSod.
Following Moreno’s fall, a person who witnessed the scenario promptly leapt into the lake to help the young boy, who was then struggling underwater and almost drowning. Mere seconds later, Natalie Moreno, Caesar’s sister, and her boyfriend also jumped into the lake, assisting in the rescue. Thankfully, younger Moreno didn’t suffer any extreme accidents.
Nevertheless, Natalie Moreno took to Facebook to relate the terrifying event, praising the great Samaritan who promptly helped rescue her brother who had fallen while zip lining and nearly ended up drowning. Natalie also criticised the park for the lack of educated personnel to assist in such situations.
“No one helped my brother and the person who was trying to pull him out of the lake.”

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